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Birthdate:Jan 3

Name: Shadow
Given name: Mathieu Carver/Orion
Age: 12
Height: 5'
Weight: 115
Physical description: First thing you notice about Shadow is the fact that he's more lion than boy. His legs are more configured for quadruped walking than on two legs, and he often sits or lays around like a cat does. His shoulders, likewise, have the same forward facing bone structure as a large cat, so that he actually has trouble reaching behind him. This enables him to freely morph between the more humanoid looking bipedal form with a reduced snout and jaw, and his front paws more hand like. Morphing into his feral form he looks much like a lion at his relative age would look.

Only with jet black fur and green eyes.

Powers: His primary powers are shadow control. Umbregeous teleportion or teleporting using shadows as a medium, shadow manipulation, storing things in a sort of shadow hammer space, and using his darker powers to enhance his own abilities. His powers also give him certain benefits such as resistance to psychic abilities both telekinetic and telepathic, and grants him the ability to disorientate his opponents in a fight.

He is also incredibly durable and strong, even when considering his inhuman half. He can nearly lift a car strength wise, but can't quite do it yet. Given his age he will probably get stronger over time. Speed wise he can almost hit 60 miles an hour and maintain this speed for much longer than would a typical lion. He can also jump several meters farther than a typical lion. Lastly, he has a healing factor. Small wounds heal almost instantly, where as the larger wounds do take time, but far less than it would in a typical human.

He's generally well read in the lore of his world and knows a thing or two about magic as well though he doesn't know how to cast any spells.

His other skills involve street magic, sleight of hand and cooking.

A primer for his world
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This is a roleplay journal for a character that I own. I am not this character and he is not me.
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